Engineer by Training
MBA by Passion
Artist by Heart

Dolly Shahani

Throughout my career I have worked in diverse areas in various capacities such as:

1. Product Development
2. Key Account Management
3. Undergrad research in Analog
4. Design Thinker
5. Strategy Consultant

Here are a few skills that I have gained throughout my career:

Technical Skills

1. Tableau

2. Rstudio

3. PowerBI

4. SQL

Strategy Skils

1. Customer Segmentation

2. Market Research 

3. Competitive Landscape assessment 

4. Pricing Strategy

5. Operations Strategy

Pricing Skills

1. Pricing model assessment

2. Customer WTP assessment

3. Elasticity of product assessment

4. Profitability assessment

Project Management Skills:

1. Asana

2. OneNote

3. Agile/Scrum

4. Notion

In my Blog, I talk about everything from product development, strategy to my musings on life!